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Change in Company Name

The name of a company or LLP can be changed by the promoters at any time after incorporation. The change in the company name will not have any impact on its existence as a corporate entity. A company can change its name with the approval of shareholders in the general meeting & by making necessary filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. As you’ve already incorporated, you’re aware of the rules involved in selecting a name for your company. The same applies for changing your name, too. The procedure is well-defined and to be followed strictly. And just in case you haven’t complied with all ROC  requirements, you can’t go ahead with this until you do.

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Procedure For Change in Company Name

 Basic Details Form

Basic Details Form

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Obtaining DSC & DIN

Obtaining DSC & DIN

1 Working Day
Name Search & Approval

Name Search & Approval

3 Working Days
Changes of MOA & AOA & ROC filing

Changes of MOA & AOA & ROC filing

2 Working Days


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Documents Required For Change in Company Name

  • Board Resolution for change Name clause of MOA of the Company.
  • Board Resolution for Notice of EGM of the Company.
  • Notice of EGM with explanatory Statement.
  • Special Resolution for alteration in the name clause of MOA.
  • Altered MOA & AOA.
  • Minutes of the members meeting (EGM).  
  • Certified copy of decision/consent of requisite partners.
  • The extracts of the relevant provision of the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement, if any.
  • Copy of Board Resolution of the existing company or consent of existing LLP as proof of no objection.
  • Copy of the minutes of decision/resolution/consent of partners.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will changing a company name become a new entity?

100 %No, change in the company name will not create any new entity.

2. What should be the name of the company?

Name of the company must be according to the Companies Incorporation Rules 2014.

3. When will the name of the Company be effective?

The name of the company will be effective after the date of issuance of the certificate.

4. Is the approval of the Central Government for name change?

CG acceptance is required when the word “private” has an additional or extinction.

5 When should the ROC be informed about changing the name of the company?

In the General Meeting, the ROC should be informed within 30 days of passing the proposals.