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ROC Annual Compliances

 Annual filing means submitting companies financial and non-financial information to Companies regulatory authority i.e. ROC (Registrar of Companies) of the concerned state where the registered office of the company is situated within the stipulated time period. Every Company incorporated in India must comply with the such legal requirements to ensure timely fulfilment of compliances, without any levy of interest or penalty.

Annual filing ensures the transparency in the working of the companies. The Startup Search Provider Team shall guide you through all these compliances required to be completed since the incorporation. ROC Compliance for Private Limited Companies is done through Startup Search providers.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Procedure For ROC Compliances

 Basic Details Form

Basic Details Form

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Required Documents

Required Documents

Drafting of Documents

Drafting of Documents

ROC and Annual filings

ROC and Annual filings



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What Forms are included under Annual Filing?

Under companies Act, there are only two forms, namely, AOC-4 and MGT-7 which are prescribed for annual filing. Both forms are filed online to ROC.E-form AOC-4:  This form mainly contains financial statements which include Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements. All these statements reveal all financial information of the company.

This form is filed within 30 days of Annual General Meeting (AGM).

E-form MGT-7: This form used for filing Annual Return which contains both financial as well as non-financial information of the company which include directors’ details, various meetings held during the year, remuneration of Directors and KMP, shareholding pattern and so on.

This form is filed within 60 days of AGM

“Annual Return shall also contain a certificate as per Form No. MGT 8  duly authenticated by Company Secretary in practice in case of a listed company or a company having paid up share capital of Rs. 10 Crore or more or turnover of Rs. 50 Crore or more.”

A company can also file e-forms AOC-4 and MGT-7 beyond 30 or 60 days as mentioned above with additional fees within 270 days which are as follows:

Documents Required For ROC Compliances

  • MOA/AOA of company
  • Certificate of Incorporation


(Applicable for all companies under companies act, 2013)

    1. Issue of Share Certificates
    2. Statutory Registers
    3. Board Meeting Compliances
    4. Annual General Meeting (AGM) Compliance
    5. Annual ROC Filings

    w.e.f 01/04/2014

    Filing Annual Return (MGT-7)

    Filing Financial Statements (AOC-4)

    ADT-1 (Auditor Appointment)

Advantages Of ROC Compliances?


To Start Compliances for Private Limited Company in India

  • The first Auditor shall be appointed within one month from the date of incorporation of the Company for the period of 5 years and form ADT-1 will be file for appointment.
  • Every Company shall prepare its Accounts and get the same audited by a Chartered Accountant at the end of the Financial Year compulsorily.
  • Every Private Limited Company is required to file its Annual Return in form MGT-7 within 60 days of holding of Annual General Meeting.
  • Every Private Limited Company is required to file its Balance Sheet along with statement of Profit and Loss Account and Director Report in form AOC-4 within 30 days of holding of Annual General Meeting.
  • All Companies are required to hold their AGM within a period of six months, from the date of closing of the Financial Year.
  • If a Company fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the Companies Act, then the Company and every officer who is in default shall be punishable with fine for the period for which default continues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Compliance?

 Compliance means filing of certain forms and information from time to time to MCA as statutory requirement. It’s a combined word for all the filings that need to be done to keep your company in good standing with the government authorities.

2. What Forms to be filed for ROC Return?

The E-Forms to be filed for Annual ROC filing is: MGT-7 – (Annual return), AOC- 4 – (Financial Statements, Balance Sheet & P&L Account).

3. What is AGM?

  This is a shareholders meeting that needs to be held every year. Approval of financial statements, declaration of dividends, appointment of auditors, etc. is the primary agenda for this meeting. AGM needs to be held in the city where the registered office of the company is situated.

4. What are the Compliances under Companies Act 2013?

  Annual Filing, Disclosure by Directors, Drafting of Annual return, Returns & minutes filing, Issuing share certificates, notices, updating the Statutory Register, Filing annual compliance report.

5. What is Annual Filing due date?
  1. A) First Annual Filing of the Company is due on the 30th December of the next year from the date of Incorporation , – B) Subsequent Annual Filing is due on the 30th September of the same year in which the Financial Year of the Company ends.
6. Who is responsible to file Company ROC Return?

  It is the duty of the Company and Directors to file ROC Return as both are liable for non filing.