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Public Limited Company Closure

If your business in the public limited company is not running properly or faces continuous losses, it is better to close such public limited company and look for a new beginning. The process of closing a public Limited Company can be tedious; however, it is mandatory to do so, as otherwise, you would be required to annually meet the requirements set forth by the Registrar of Companies and spending money on audits and compliances. The bigger reason you would want to do this, of course, is because it releases the assets and investments made by you. A Pubic Limited Company may be closed either voluntarily by the shareholders or compulsorily by the judiciary.

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Procedure For Public Limited Company Closure

 Basic Details Form

Basic Details Form

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application preparation

application preparation

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Drafting of Affidavit

Drafting of Affidavit

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ROC Filing

ROC Filing

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Documents Required for Closure of Public Limited Company

  • Application for Striking off of the Company
  • Board Resolution for closure
  • Consent of Directors
  • Director’s Affidavit
  • Indemnity Bond
  • Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
  • Statement of Accounts latest.
  • – Statement of Accounts containing assets & liabilities of the Company Audited by CA
  • Bank Account Closure Certificates.

Minimum Requirements For Closing Public Limited Company?

Advantages of Public Limited Company Closure

  • It helps you to save every year compliance cost.
  • Saves you from non compliance penalties.
  • No More Headache of record keeping.
  • No more director in Default.
  • Closing a company will prevent you from unnecessary IT demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Closure of One Person Company?

  When existence of the Company as a legal entity comes to an end it is known as the Closure of OPC.

2. What documents are required for closure of company?
  •   Application for striking off of the company, board resolution for closure, consent of directors, director’s affidavit, indemnity bond, statement of assets and liabilities.

3. How long before can the company file for the closing?

  At least a year should have passed from the date of incorporation before the company files for closing to the registrar of companies.

4. What happens if the company does not comply with the timelines?

 If the company fails to comply with the timelines, a fine or penalty is incurred upon the directors from starting another company.

5. How long does the closing of a public limited company take?

 It takes at least 6 months to close a public limited company.

6. How many shareholders approval are required to proceed with the application of dissolution?

  A minimum of 2/3rd of the total of shareholders must adopt the resolution of the company.