Increase in Authorized Capital of Company

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Increase in Authorized Capital

As the company grows its size of operation also increases. At a later stage, the company while performing its business operations may need more funds for expansion of its business or, to meet the expenditure requirements that may arise in future. These requirements can be met by increasing the authorized share capital of the company. The authorized share capital is the maximum amount of shares value which a company can allot to its shareholders.


To begin the process for increasing authorized capital a resolution must be passed by the Board of Directors. In the Board Resolution, authorisation must be provided for increasing the authorised capital of the company and making the necessary changes to the MOA and AOA of the company.

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Procedure For Increase in Authorized Capital

 Basic Details Form

Basic Details Form

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Obtaining DSC & DIN

Obtaining DSC & DIN

1 Working Day
Drafting of Documents

Drafting of Documents

1 Working Day
Changes in MOA/AOA & ROC filing

Changes in MOA/AOA & ROC filing

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Documents Required For Increase in Authorized Capital

  • Board resolution for notice of EGM of the Company.

  • Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

  • Ordinary Resolution passed  in the meeting of shareholders

  • Altered Memorandum and Articles of the Company.           

  • Minutes  of the  Extraordinary General Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is minimum Share Capital Requirement?

The Authorized Share Capital has to be minimum Rs. 1 Lac for pvt ltd company & minimum rupees 5 lakhs for public limit company  and there is no minimum limit for Paid up Share Capital.

2. What is the difference between Authorized Capital & Paid up capital?

The Authorized Capital of the Company is the maximum limit upto which a Company can issue shares and Paid Up Capital is that part of the Authorized Capital for which Shareholders have made the investment into the Company.

3. What documents are required for increasing the capital?

Altered MOA/ AOA,  documents for Board Meeting of the Company and documents for Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Company.

4. What is time limit to file change of capital documents with ROC?

The time limit is 30 days from passing of the   Resolution for Increasing of Authorized Share Capital.

5. How to change the Authorised Share Capital of the Company as per Companies Act 2013?

A company can increase its authorized capital by filing Form SH-7 within 30 days from the date of passing the resolution i.e. from the date of alteration.

6. Whether General Meeting is mandatory to hold for change in Authorised Share Capital of the company?

Yes, Holding of General Meeting is mandatory to increase authorised share capital.